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Overall this is the least difficult part of the process. I went through the process two more times, removing two more non-vital plugins. The remaining plugins are vital to my website, so I stopped killing plugins.

Overall this is the least difficult part of the process. I went through the process two more times, removing two more non-vital plugins. The remaining plugins are vital to my website, so I stopped killing plugins. I know that there are many ways to do anything in development, here are some stages and examples of what I do to clean up and attempt to prevent future malicious intrusions on my WordPress website. Here are 10 plugins that are of immense help in optimizing a WordPress site for speed, which in turn will ensure a lower bounce rate for your website. WP Super Cache is definitely no slouch here – it was barely behind Cache Enabler. It differs in terms of the mechanism behind lead capture. Despite its price tag, WP Rocket didn’t actually perform the best in terms of pure caching. One of the best things about the WordPress publishing platform is that it gives you endless customization options.

And in fact, with results that close, we could easily chalk the difference up to test variations.

5 Great Web Conferencing Options for Your Small Business ... Cache Enabler is a lightweight caching solution for WordPress that does two things to decrease your site’s page load times – generates static HTML files and provides WebP support. There was only one caching plugin that got our test site under 1-second load times in both tests and that’s Cache Enabler. WP Fastest Cache also did solid, getting us under 1-second on the Pingdom test. And in fact, with results that close, we could easily chalk the difference up to test variations. Also this is one of the reasons why Rick Santorum is never going to be able to shake his particular unfortunate results. We’re far from turning the graphing calculator that is WordPress into the iPad-running-Angry-Birds that clients could use, for reasons that have nothing to do with page layouts. The bitmap index is quite different in usage from the other types of indexes discussed thus far. Don’t forget to think across different platforms or device types.

But, given that we want our results to be accessible to all types of WordPress users, it seems unfair to think that casual users will have the knowledge to do that. Users across all industries and fields find a reliable partner in Hellen. You can easily find out which plugins and their scripts/styles are taking exactly the amount of time, along with execution time, memory used, I find all this very helpful. I was very happy with the theme load time, even before the speed improvements; not all themes are that lean and speedy. Once again I looked at the relative run time, per plugin. You can run it on your website’s URL and see the results along with areas where you can improve. Finally, based on our test results, we don’t really see any reason to recommend Comet Cache. The 1.4-second load time was O.K., but I wanted to see if I could improve it.

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If we had put in the time to dive deeply into the configuration options for W3 Total Cache, it may well have performed better. No publisher would want the hard work they put into creating the website to go waste, just because it takes a few seconds more to load than visitors are willing to wait. The first thing you can do is simplify your navigation to make it easier for visitors to find the content they’re looking for. The final thing to consider is the PageSpeed score from Google we collected at the start of this post. It’s up to you to know SEO, choose and adjust your SEO plugins, and then start creating great content. “awkward stage hair.” The article you find consistently generates over 15K unique website visitors per month—an early post when we knew almost nothing about SEO. As a result, mobile visitors can access your website really fast.

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A slow loading website is frustrating for visitors. Reducing these can also significantly reduce the loading speed of your blog. There are thousands of plugins, serving nearly every purpose you can imagine: drop caps, forms, tables, security, search-engine optimization, blog comments, caching, site backups, and more. 8. If you have a lot of comments, set WordPress Discussion settings to use the “Break comments into pages” option. You can also click on the Empty Spam button to delete all spam comments at once. OptinMonster comes with multiple optin types that you can place on different locations on your landing pages and throughout your website. When you install AMP for WP, the Accelerated Mobile Pages functionality is automatically added to your WordPress site. Most of the customization comes via plugins, which are small programs that you install on your site. A lot of it comes down to image and file size and how complex the code is. This is where the FREE Lazy Load for Videos plugin comes to their rescue.

WordPress is what’s known as “open-source software”, which means it is free to use and customize. Because it means you can lose both traffic and valuable data if you create new permalinks for your content without redirecting the old links. All of these links mean one more request each. Once you activate Sucuri, all your website traffic goes through their CloudProxy servers and every request is scanned to filter out malicious requests. As a hosting provider we monitor our servers very actively for any issues, if there is an issue found, it will be rectified immediately. You even get FTP, email system, DNS editor and much more when using a hosting solution from GoDaddy. Even with the free version of the plugin, you can easily setup full, manual or scheduled backups of all your website files including database, plugins and themes. Even inserting one code can become a pain if your site is more complicated such as an AJX-based WordPress theme. The trouble is that those fancy and often extraneous features add additional code to the framework, which slows your website down.